offshore outsourcing

What is offshore outsourcing?

Offshore outsourcing is one of the approaches, also called “Global Sourcing,” companies take recently, which is a system of outsourcing the resources to another offshore (overseas) company.

Originally, Global Sourcing is an approach for optimizing the resource for the company to obtain price competitiveness and stands for achieving, or a system to achieve, optimum skills at an optimum timing and optimum price and method, through the combination of on-site (internal) and off-site (external) resources. It is particularly actively adopted in IT business where there currently is a constant shortage of domestic resources.

The main purpose of this system is to create cost advantages by taking advantages of economic discrepancies between regions. Such discrepancies are expanded from Japanese major cities to regional cities and then to offshore areas (throughout Asia).

Global Sourcing Map

Current state of offshore outsourcing in call center business in Japan

Meanwhile, the problem of existing offshore resources was to achieve sufficient quality when providing call center services where high customers’ satisfaction was required.

It was due tot eh difficulties foreign employees face in understanding and acquiring know-how for coping with Japanese language and culture as well as habitudes and natures of Japanese people in order to satisfy Japanese customers.

In IT industry, including information processing and website business, while there are differences in styles, differences in quality between Japan and other countries are relatively small. Rather there are many countries that are higher in educational levels and skills of human resources than Japan in such field.

However, in call center businesses, due to its nature, there are cases where companies adopt cost-effective offshore call center system but fail to provide services that meet customers’ satisfaction, or rather, disappoint customers, resulting in expanding negative effects. Many companies have been making such mistakes, and being negative examples, have caused successors to hesitate in adopting the new system. Call center business has been considered unsuccessful match with offshore outsourcing services.

Off shoring by Japanese companies

Offshore outsourcing of Masterpiece Group

Masterpiece Group takes an out-of-the-box approach to the offshore outsourcing service by hiring Japanese operators under a compensation structure based on the local wage standard adding extra salary to revolutionarily provide services of domestic level at an offshore cost. While providing opportunities for developing the career to the Japanese operators working abroad through partnership with local language institutions, we strive to improve their skills as well as the quality of service we offer by offering training programs established through the know-how we acquired during our long experience in the field, to also respond to placing/accepting orders, fax treatments, and complaints requirements in addition to the call services.

MPG’s Offshore Resources

With regard to the outsourcing of the back-office divisions of companies, such as personnel and accounting, which is assumed to increase in the future, we also provide you with proposals as well as the resources for back-end services including salary calculations and expense sheets entering services, utilizing the offshore outsourcing system of Masterpiece Group. We support creating cost advantages for your business.


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