Data Entry Center

Data Entry Center

Data Entry Center

  • Establish data entry centers that not just turn applications into data but also manage all the processes up to sales promotion
  • Operation of two bases in Japan and China with good cost performance
  • Promote paperless by keeping applications in an image data form.

Data Entry Center

Dalian Contact Center in China provides data entry service in addition to inbound/outbound contact center services. Data entry services, without any need to worry about pronunciation and intonation, are provided mainly by Chinese agents. Two groups of operators enter the data and cross check the input with each other and the data is checked by Japanese managers while consistency check by computer program is also carried out to increase the verification accuracy.

Dalian Contact Center is operated by highly educated operators through the partnership with Dalian Polytechnics school(nationally prioritized school, model school of Liaoning Province, model school in facility of Dalian City, model school in advanced education of Dalian City) which provides education on computer and foreign language.

Data Entry Center

Our data entry centers offer scanning services at the time of entering the data, thereby respond to the needs for storing documents in a data form. All the scanning image data is provided with ID numbers and linked with the data produced to facilitate searching and puling out the image data.

The Advantages of Data Entry Center Combined with Data Scanning Service
  • Cost for storing document reduced and effective use of office space are achieved.
  • Leakage of information by theft or taking out by employees of documents is prevented.
  • Convenience of document search is improved.
  • Easiness and efficiency of information sharing are improved.
  • Response to disasters, etc.
  • Consideration to environment and resources.
Management of the Accuracy of Data Entry and Operating Costs

Data is entered twice by Chinese staff at Dalian Data Entry Center in China to ensure the accuracy of data entered and final checking conducted by Japanese management to reduce significant amount of operational costs.

Reassuring Security Management system

Information management completely controlled by strict security checking in compliance with the Privacy Mark screening criteria.

A Solution Case

Customer’s Issue
Formation and effective use of a membership organization
  • To form a membership organization of customers who visit the shop.
  • To improve sales by retaining core users by organizing membership.
  • To obtain know-how and ability for forming organized membership.
  • To have employees focus on sales activities and other core tasks.
  • To create and effectively utilize database of customer members’ information at a low price.
  • To increase core fans (loyal customers).
Data entry center tasks to be outsourced to Dalian Data Entry Center in China
  • Customers’ attributes are grasped by issuing membership cards.
  • Application forms are turned into image data and transferred to Dalian Data Entry Center through private lines to create data and manage database.
  • A series of services from extracting customer information from the list to delivering fax and e-mail magazine transmissions as per the request of the customer.
Customers’ database was established and sales promotion was conducted on a regular basis without increasing the number of management personnel or fixed costs for infrastructure and the repeatability of customers and sales increased.
  • Increase in sales by having employees focus on sales activities was achieved.
  • Establishment of core fans (loyal customers) was achieved.

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