Call Center

Call Center

Call Center Services

The biggest distinction of our call center service is that we assign Japanese operators overseas and connect Japan and other countries with private lines to provide high quality services at a low price to Japanese customers utilizing differences in economy and time between Japanese and other Asian countries.

Features of MPG Offshore Resources
  • Services for Japanese customers by offshore call centers operated by Japanese operators
    MPG’s supporting program is intended for those people who aspire to improve their language and other skills while working in various Asian countries. This working program, unique to MPG, locally employs Japanese operators.
  • Competent Asian human resources are provided through partnership with local educational institutions
    Through the collaboration with local business academies, human resources that aspire to achieve high level of skills in language and technologies are provided.
  • Operation system through the partnership with local prime businesses
    Through the service partnership with local prime businesses, high-level and global operation system is achieved.
Inbound Service

The service corresponds to telephone, fax, web, e-mail, and all other channels. We provide high quality service at a low cost, while reducing variable expense rate, utilizing our offshore call centers. Our customers are free from pressures on profits and employment issues associated with fluctuation in sales in on/off seasons while avoiding risks of fixed costs.

Outbound Services

We provide market research service, expanding customer base, ensuring continuous purchase by customers, and other services by combining telephone, fax, and e-mail channels. In fact, our job-placement advertisement department is achieving high performance by expanding customer base and following up the customers utilizing the call center know-how of our own.

Employment Outsourcing Service

We excel at providing services combining inbound, outbound, and data entry center services. One of the examples is the graduates/mid-career/part-time employment outsourcing. We provide comprehensive services from collectively managing web management system for employment media, interview bookings, management of progress for determining employment strategy, to the employment analysis.


Service Offerings