Multi-lingual Call Centers

Multi-lingual Call Centers

Operation of Multi-lingual Call Centers

Customer support services for Japanese and foreign customers in Japan (in English and/or Chinese) provided in unified quality.
Languages used and operation centers
  • Japanese: Tokyo Contact Center (Contact Center, Bangkok Contact Center)
  • Chinese:95TeleWeb Beijing Contact Center

Multi-lingaual Call Centers

Services Available in a Global Scale

Stable customer service can be provided regardless of the language even within Japan.

Private Lines connect Centers

Private lines exclusive for voice and data are installed between Tokyo – Dalian and establish multi-lingual call centers at only the domestic call charges.

Reassuring Security Management System

Personal information is strictly managed under tight security in compliance with the Privacy Mark screening standard.

A Solution Case

Customer’s Issue
Taking the opportunity of foreign brands entering Japanese market in full swing, establishment of multi-lingual customer service of uniform quality at several areas is desired.
  • Establishment of new customer support system in Japan taking advantages of the performance achieved abroad.
  • Establishment of support system to cope with markets not only in Japan but in global scale in response to the high needs for use overseas.
  • Differentiation between bases in Japan and overseas in accordance with the attributes of each product to establish a multi-lingual customer support system at lower cost.
Sort customers by automatic response at the same phone number to spread the customers to several bases.
  • Know-how of call centers for Japanese market is provided while utilizing actual examples of successful customer support cases overseas.
  • Services are provided not only in Japanese but also in English and Chinese at several centers.
  • Customers are sorted by the attributes of the products and all the services other than those specific to Japan are offered by Japanese operators, which can be operated at lower cost, in Japanese language.
Operation system of centers in Japan, China, and Bangkok established in accordance with the language used.
  • Taking advantages of past performance overseas, a unique customer support system for Japanese market was established.
  • Inquiries in Japanese are sorted in Japan Center in accordance with the attributes of the products to provide customer support at lower cost.
  • Smooth operation achieved by sharing information in real time and confirming the call history of each customer at several bases, utilizing the same shared database. Responding to customers in English and Chinese achieved as an additional value.

Service Offerings