Mail Order Reception Centers

Mail Order Reception Centers

Operation of Mail Order Reception Center

Giving instructions to and management of each distribution center, other than order reception services, are operated in a unified manner

Customers can focus on promptly improving their production development and service quality by only focusing on responding to clients’ requirements and complaints.

Mail Order Reception Centers

Private Lines Connect Centers

Private lines connect centers which are differentiated from each other by access authorization while sharing information on customer service at real time.

Reassuring Security Management System

Information management is reassured by strict security pursuant to the screening criteria for Privacy Mark.

A Solution Case

Customer’s Issue
Want to reduce cost associated with the increase in membership and loss caused by insufficient linkage among bases
  • While the goal is to significantly increase the number of membership, the customer wants to compress the operational costs which are on the increase and to specialize the staff members in core operations such as planning and making proposals.
  • The results of responding to calls and the comments received from customers are not well grasped and reflected to the marketing and products planning.
  • There are time differences in the communication of various information among the 5 major distribution centers in the country, causing misunderstandings with customer service centers.
Establish shared database and differentiate customer services
  • Standardized tasks are outsourced to MPG and the employees are specialized in developing marketing strategy, including planning and making proposals, that reflects customers’ voices.
  • Based on the hearing conducted when orders are placed and making outbound calls after the products are delivered, clients’ comments and requirements are collected to be leveraged in planning product proposals and creating marketing data.
  • Establish new section within the customer’s premise to respond to the comments and requirements from clients.
  • By responding to all the inquiries from the clients at the reception center, which has been conducted by each distribution center, reduction of clerical tasks which have been generated between the reception center and each of the distribution centers can be achieved.
  • A database shared by all the centers is established to keep track of all the clients and to be able to respond to clients at real time.
Reduction of overall operational costs and reflection of real-time information achieved
  • By conducting all the various office procedures, which have been dispersed in many bases, at the reception center, a significant amount of costs (mainly cause by office workers for indirect operations) was reduced.
  • The customers’ comments are reflected to the product development and new services instantly.
  • The communication among centers, which has been done by FAX or telephone, is now based on shared database which enable sharing of information instantly and cumbersome procedures and delay in responding to customers are eliminated.

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