Business Principles

Masterpiece Group Inc. provides outsourcing services for streamlining the management.

Company Creed

  • We pursue our clients’ value and mutual benefits.
  • We take win-win approaches.
  • We achieve self-fulfillment and social contribution.

Company Principles

1.We remain in the background

All our outsourcing services are for our clients to enjoy all the results such as problems solved and improved profitability and we strive to remain as a company highly appraised by our clients.

2.We are a “Creative Merchant”

We keep focused on the environment that surrounds us as well as the entire society, identify problems by recognizing the “sense of” shortfalls, and continue to create two values “evolutionary value” with enhanced functions, and “innovative value” that was never achieved before through a series of activities for solving and improving such problems.

3.“GLOCAL” organization and business development

“GLOCAL” is a combination term of “global” and “local.” We challenge developing a borderless business by establishing an organization free from nationality, religion, and/or gender to be an international-standard group of people that can contribute to the local societies in Asian countries under the concept of “GLOCAL.”

4.Our corporate ethics is to respect each other

We never forget that the accumulation of our efforts in daily activities creates our personal quality and our daily activities are based on our enthusiasm, knowledge, and skills and that it is our duty to create a transparent corporate culture to which all the employees can commit themselves.

5.We pursue real success through mutually beneficial approach

We always establish a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients, shareholders, business partners, and other stakeholders with sense of ownership and consideration to maximize the outcome and achieve real success by combining the efforts of all the people involved including ourselves.

Company Profile