Daily Salary payment system “furisoku”


“Furisoku” is not a “daily employment”

“Furisoku,” unlike “temporary or daily employment,” is a system for securing long-term employment enabling “daily payment” for part-time workers in the existing salary payment system.

Furisoku Daily/temporary payment
Employer Customer Staffing company
Salary payment Customer Staffing company
Employment period Long-term
* the term normally agreed between the customer and the employee
Costs Several hundred yen/man-day
* depending on the number of workers
Cost will be zero if payment is transferred from monthly to daily.
Cost of 35% or more of the salary actually paid to the part-timers.
E.g.: \12,000/man-day fixed wage (\8,000/man-day cost price)

Many of the part-time or temporary workers wish to work for a long term, but on the other hand, they want to be paid “daily.” “Furisoku” was developed in order to resolve this mismatch caused by the “contortion” of recruitment requirements.

The benefits of adopting “daily payment” system:

“Furisoku” is a tool for “lowering the threshold” for the applicants of job offered.

How does “Furisoku” work?

It is a system that enables daily payment for your part time employees.
Daily payment generates benefits of: 1. increasing application effect, 2. reducing advertisement costs, and 3. reducing labor costs.

Part-time employees only need to punch their quitting time. All you need to do is to approve the employees’ attendance!!

The daily operation is quite simple. Part time employees subject for daily payment only need to punch their quitting time and all your managers need to do is to approve the employees’ attendance afterwards.

Benefits of “daily payment”

It enables you to reduce recruitment costs and select the appropriate personnel for your needs.

According to our research on retention rate and job turnover of salaried workers that are paid daily at our customers using “Furisoku” system, the job turnover did not differ from that of monthly paid employees, which showed that there was no strong relationship between the payment system and the job turnover rate.

For your reference, our research revealed that the major three causes for the employees leaving their jobs are:

  • The job was not what the employee was looking for
  • Human relationship with the boss at the workplace
  • Human relationship with the colleagues at the workplace
The effect of “daily payment” – the most used keyword when searching for job is “daily payment” –

Job seekers are not attracted by hourly rate or contents of the job, but by the word “daily payment.”
* Source: Part time job website operator
”daily payment” → no. of application increases → no need to raise rate or change compensation package → you can reduce the number of advertisements

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