Financial Highlights

Historical data of major management indicators (13th – 16th FY terms)

Management indicators of submitting company
Number of FY terms13th14th15th16th17th
Fiscal year end03/200403/200503/200603/200703/2008
sales (1,000 yen)1,535,3382,682,7611,873,6442,149,5062,449,337
ordinary income (1,000 yen)△61,64811,12438,788173,333294,575
current net income (1,000 yen)△44,765△5,833170,027219,011238,587
capital (1,000 yen)250,000419,800419,800719,800839,800
total number of shares authorized3,0006,6006,60076,00079,000
net asset (1,000 yen)229,727307,470456,1351,275,1621,750,117
gross asset (1,000 yen)1,502,0371,676,9871,366,1181,709,0532,555,638
capital adequacy ratio (%)15.318.333.474.668.5

Note: The 13th FY term covers the 9 months between July 1, 2003 and March 31, 2004 due to change in fiscal term.