Senior Executives

Chairman & CEO Osamu Sato

Osamu Sato joined Taiyo Recreation Centre in 1985. Three years later, he established Mindshare, a company providing marketing solutions and product development support. He then founded and became president of Psych, which would eventually become today’s Masterpiece Group. Osamu Sato was also the man behind its subsidiary, Goodwill which he set up in 1995.

In 2001, he successfully acquired the firm Goodwill Group Communication (formerly Psych, currently Masterpiece Group) through a management buyout (MBO) from parent company Goodwill Group, where he decided to resign as vice-chairman in the same year.

Currently the President of Masterpiece Group, he oversees the strategic planning and execution as CEO of the entire group. To meet new challenges of an ever progressing world, Osamu Sato is taking a step further into future expansion, by setting up BPO call centers in key areas throughout Asia.


President & COOTakashi Fushimi

Takashi Fushimi joined Recruit in 1988 where he was assigned to sales. After much business dealings with various organizations and their hiring process, training programs and personnel systems, his focus shifted to developing new business prospects.

It was in 1988 that he became part of Masterpiece Group, coordinating operations as a managing director. Prior to his ascent to the president’s seat in 2007 he was the vice-president of the company for a period of time. His overall task consists of running the entire operation of the company as COO and supervising human resources.