E-mail correspondences 15(Consultation cases)

Making outbound calls within 15 minutes after the application mails are received leads to more than 80% of applicants making appointments to visit the firm.

In the tight labor market of temporary staffing or part-timer/temporary workers, swift response is the key to obtain human resources. Making calls within one hour after the application mails are received will increase the rate of achieving contact with the applicants; however, making calls within 15 minutes will raise the contact rate to more than 80% (from MPG’s past results).

However, assigning human resources exclusively to such task may generate a tremendous amount of cost. Many companies, while realizing the importance, opt for reducing cost over reacting to the applicants more cordially.

Moreover, it is very difficult to respond to the applicants during nighttime and the applicants have to wait until next day to get your response.

MPG’s “Responding Mails 15” is a service for responding to e-mail senders within 15 minutes after the mails are received, which we offer at an incredibly low price.

E-mail correspondences

  • The customers are asked to provide us with schedules available for interviews in advance.
  • MPG receives e-mails through website or recruitment website.
  • After receiving the mail, we make calls to the applicants within 15 minutes.
    ※ If the mails mention that the applicants can receive nighttime calls, we make calls even during nighttime.
  • We confirm the availability of the applicants and make appointments for the interview.
  • We report the appointments made with the applicants to each branch office every day. At the same time we also send reports to the head office on the status of all the branches.
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