Nighttime telephone correspondences to increase close rates.

Rate of applicants coming for interview is increased by responding to the applications in accordance with their lifestyles

Young people of the modern day can be contacted with through such handy communication means like mobile phones and internet.
The employment application data that Masterpiece Group has collected proves that young people apply for part-time jobs even during their private times after 8:00pm quite proactively using mobile phones. Based on such data, we have launched the “interview booking at daytime price during nighttime” service. MPG’s offshore sourcing service using Asian network also provides nighttime reception center, which used to be an unpractical means for small-medium enterprises to achieve satisfying cost benefits, at a low price.

Performance of service users improved – responding to applicants leads to increase in application rate
Applications received during busy hours or when the shop manager is not available are not responded sufficiently.

Application calls during busy hours are not responded sufficiently, causing decrease in applicants’ satisfaction and the rate of applicants coming for interviews. There are cases where applicants’ calls are not even answered during lunch time.

Making calls to applications applying for job through Internet is indispensable

Applications through Internet are increasing these days but outbound calls are required for having these applicants come for interview.

Applications through Internet come any time of the day

While there are more applications through Internet received during nighttime, there are cases where the delay in responding to these applicants resulting in not being able to capture them.

Along with the prevalence of mobile phones and changes in lifestyle, there are more people who do not mind receiving nighttime calls.

Business types of the customers of the system:

Family restaurants, cafeteria chains, Japanese style pub chains, supermarket chains, convenience store chains, school lunch services, private preparatory schools, take-out sushi chains, health clubs, call centers, insurance agents, pachinko halls, and many others.

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