Streamlining Web marketing(Consultation cases)

Collecting Information from Websites/ Preparing Sales List Service

A variety of information is scattered about in Internet. Do you every want to utilize these data? Actually, if you try to use them, it takes a tremendous time and efforts to find, extract, and store each one of them using your mouse and keyboard. Even if you try to develop a system for extracting information from the Internet, the contents of websites tend to change without notice or are protected from outsiders to copy or output. The maintenance cost it may generate is outrageous that you would rather not use such system. In the end you will find collecting information in an old-fashioned manner using mouse and keyboard much more reliable.

Streamlining Web marketing

Masterpiece Group conducts such tasks at low cost, utilizing its data centers situated in China. Tasks are mainly undertaken by Chinese agents but the extracted data is confirmed by Japanese managers. Data is also double-checked by computer program to ensure high accuracy at low cost. Data is delivered in CSV form so that you can use it with your regular software for sales list, market research, and direct mailing. Private lines are installed in our Center in China to enable direct import of data to your system.

We also digitize information on website as well as those printed on papers and aggregate data by customer names on the Web to collect more data.

Database can be utilized for the following purposes:

  • As an approach list for sales activities to make appointments with customers
  • For direct mailing, sending e-mails, telemarketing, etc.
  • For market research
  • For researching distribution to establish sales system
  • For checking market prices and competing prices
  • As basic information for researches
  • For collecting information on competitors


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