Salary calculation supporting service “Kuikkyu”

Calculating salaries and issuing salary statements do not create any additional value no matter how troublesome they are. Good resources should be appointed to tasks which enhance the competitiveness of the company. Least of all, “daily payments” and “weekly payments” introduced in differentiate you from other competitors may result in increasing the amount of tasks loaded to your employees.

Salary calculation support service “Kuikkyu” which Masterpiece Group offers is equipped with following functions:

  • Does not require any initial cost
  • Does not require any investment on system (no need to install anything, too)
  • Calculation for “daily” or “weekly” payment is possible. Tax and social insurance calculation is also covered.
  • Saves you the trouble of creating monthly salary statements (they can be easily confirmed by mobile phone or confirmed/output by PC).
  • Daily attendance data of individuals (days attended, work hours, overtime hours, etc.) can be confirmed on website

The mechanism is extremely simple:

The customer only needs to send the staffers’ attendance data by FAX. We will submit the results of the salary calculation for you to just check and approve the attendance.
Such system tends to be not flexible enough to free your staffers from paperwork, but our “Kuikkyu” tires to conform to the customers’ rules.

  • Overtime/late-night payments
  • Transportation allowance in accordance with the number of days in duty (daily/commuter pass)
  • Early morning/special hours allowance
  • Incentives (monthly/daily) also adjusted
  • Calculation by 1-minute unit and rounding calculation also possible, etc.

We can also rearrange the data “by staff” or “in the order of date” for easier reconciliation with the actual attendance of staff members. Entering adjusted salary on the checking screen or extracting data in CSV form are also possible.

Staff members can confirm and printout salary statements from their mobile phones or PC so that you do not have to print out, issue, and send out statements to the staffers.

The running cost for one branch is approximately 80,000 yen

Masterpiece Group has a center for entering data in China. Data entry services, without any need to worry about pronunciation and intonation, are provided mainly by Chinese agents. Two groups of operators enter the data and cross check the input with each other and the data is checked by Japanese managers while consistency check by computer program is also carried out to increase the verification accuracy while reducing operating cost.


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