Privacy Policy

1.Five basic policies on personal information

(1)Basic approach for handling personal information

We recognize the roles and importance of personal information and handle the information with care.
We comply with relevant laws and regulations, public order and morals, and industry practices, and establish and abide by a standard for handling personal information to execute our responsibilities.

(2)Protection of intellectual property

We protect the intellectual properties of our clients and our relevant parties that support our business. We also strive to protect the intellectual properties of third parties as well as of our own.

(3)Protection of confidential information

We shall not use or leak the information of our clients or the relevant parties that we were able to obtain for business purposes for the purposes other than those originally consented upon.

(4)Protection of personal information

We recognize that inappropriate handling of personal information that we obtained in association with the execution of business may cause significant damage to the individual and we strictly control the handling of such information to prevent the personal information from being leaked or used for purposes other than those originally consented upon.

(5)Clarification of business responsibility

We clarify the accountability and work responsibility between our clients and relevant parties in executing our business.
We shall not give assurance on any uncertain matters to our clients and relevant parties. We always strive not to cause our clients and relevant parties any trouble by giving ambiguous assurances. Hence all the work responsibilities and accountabilities must be clearly understood and consented upon.

2.Privacy Policy

We comply with the above 5 basic policies on personal information and in particular establish a compliance program to specifically define the protection of personal information specified in the 4th policy. We are obliged to collect, manage, use, disclose, provide, or discard personal information based on such compliance program and develop and establish systems/procedures to control and supervise the series of our handling of personal information.

3.Objectives of our compliance program

he compliance program clarifies and operates the criteria for appropriate collection, management, usage, disclosure, provision, or abolishment of personal information and specifies the reasonable code of conduct and specific operating method in terms of technology and organization against the risks of illegal access to the personal information within or from outside the company as well as losing, destroying, altering, or leaking the personal information.

4.Collection and use of personal information

As an outsourcing company, MPG undertakes operations at its Call Centers and Data Entry Centers equipped with complex functions to provide our clients with services that contribute to the streamlining of the clients’ business. In specific, we not only operate a function to receive inquiries from the end users but also provide our clients with support for outsourcing settlement and receiving/placing order tasks as well as developing/managing database and conducting marketing activities.
MPG appropriately collects and uses personal information to the extent necessary for executing the above operations for our clients and for our own recruitment activities.

5.Observance of compliance program

MPG considers the compliance program as our utmost policy and makes sure that all our directors and employees as well as all the other internal rules comply with the compliance program in good faith.

6.Continual improvement of compliance program

We continue to review and improve the compliance program upon comprehensive review of the changes in external and internal environments, the results of executing and operating the plans that embody this Private Policy, and the voices of our clients.

20th June 2007
President, Masterpiece Group Inc.

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Privacy Policy