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Use of this website of Masterpiece Group Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “MPG”) is offered to you on your acceptance of the following Terms of Use. The contents of these Terms of Use are subject to change at the discretion of MPG. Please note that any revision to the Terms of Use shall be effective on such positing. Any term of use specified separately in this website shall be applied.

1.Intellectual Property Rights

Unless otherwise approved by the Copyright Act, all the copyrights of the materials contained in this website belong to MPG and any unauthorized use of such materials (duplication, transmission, distribution, transfer, adaptation, etc.) is prohibited. MPG shall not transfer any patent right, design right, and other intellectual property right regarding any invention and design contained in the materials or grant any right based on such intellectual property rights through the provision of the materials by this website. MPG provides the materials on this website as they now stand and shall not provide any assurance of any of the contents of these materials. The information on the products and services provided by this website is protected by the Copyright Act and other laws and regulations related to intellectual property rights.

2.Prohibited Acts

The following acts are prohibited in using this website:

  • Any act that violates or may violate the property or the privacy of any third party or MPG.
  • Any act that insults, accuses, assaults, slanders, or damages the credit of any third party or MPG.
  • Any act that is or may be offensive to public order and morals.
  • Any act of using or providing, or that may cause the use or provision of computer viruses and other harmful programs and any act that violates any law and regulation or rule with legal binding force.
  • Any act of false declaration or notification such as registering the e-mail addresses of unconcerned people.


Unless otherwise requested on the website, we ask that you do not send any trade secret of your business or any third party, plan for new products, new product, and any other proposal, material, idea, etc. related to the business to MPG by the Inquiry Form. MPG shall not be liable for any of the proposal sent to MPG unless MPG clearly expresses in advance its intention to assume the following obligations.

  • To preserve the confidentiality of the proposals sent.
  • To review, evaluate, or adopt the proposals sent.
  • To pay to the sender of the proposal any compensation for the proposal in case MPG adopts all or part of the proposal and any plan identical or similar to the proposal sent.


With regard to the information contained in the website, MPG is not liable for any of the following:

  • all the information displayed is correct, safe and useful.
  • all the information displayed is adaptable or functional for a specific purpose
  • all the information displayed has been updated.
  • all the information displayed is safe and free from any computer virus and other hazardousness.
  • any damage caused to the customer due to alteration, deletion, suspension of exposition, or discontinuation or termination of Terms of Use or the posting of any of the information contained in the website.
  • any matter associated with the website accessed through the link provided on this website.

5.Governing law

The Terms of Use and MPG website is governed by the Japanese Law. Any dispute rising out in association with this website shall be settled by the court under the exclusive jurisdiction of Kyoto District Court.

6.About the link

The contents of the websites of third parties other than MPG linked from or to the MPG website shall be managed under the responsibility of each of the third parties and shall not be under the administration of MPG.

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