Part timer recruitment outsourcing

Operation of part-time applicants Center

We help improve the satisfaction of part-time applicants and increase the application ratio. The recruitment progress, which used to be dispersed in many shops, is managed at on place.

  • Call center system can maintain the same level of quality all year round. All the applicants can be served, thereby applicants’ satisfaction will be improved and the application ratio increased.
  • Telephone lines can be added in accordance with the timing of placing advertisements.
  • Applicants for a shop which application is closed can be transferred to other nearby shops to eliminate waste/unevenness.
  • Traffic reports and cost-effectiveness analysis reports are prepared for objective development of advertisement plans.
  • All we need is the contents of the advertisement and the schedule of shop managers; we will arrange for interviews and report to each shop and the head office on the previous day of the interviews.

The effect of “daily payment” will secure human resources

Number of applicants will increase 3 to 5 times by introducing our “Furisoku” service for troublesome daily payment
  • The number of applicants increases by more than 3 to 5 times when “daily payment” is mentioned in the job-placement ads.
  • Due to the change in people’s working preferences, more young people prefer being paid on daily basis. Many employment agencies are adopting “daily payment” system for several years and the staff registered is reaching as many as several hundreds.
  • However, “daily payment” actually involves very cumbersome processes, including daily salary calculation, cash preparation, and money transfer to each employee account, making it virtually a very unpractical system.
  • “Furisoku” a daily payment service which MPG offers, keeps you out of such cumbersome processes.
  • Many of our customers, some of which are less known, have bad locations, or with working conditions less attractive, in food, retail, or warehouse industries, are succeeding in attracting applications by adopting ”Furisoku” and paying wages on daily basis.
  • While it takes average 70,000 to 80,000 yen to recruit one part-timer in the Tokyo area, “Furisoku” can reduce the cost by half or even one-quarter.
  • It is a best solution for recruiting short-term workers during summer time or year-end and new-year busy seasons.

Job-placement Advertisement

We pursue maximizing the effect and reducing cost of your recruiting activities.
  • We enhance the effect of your recruitment by selecting optimum media and creating more appealing advertisements that attract job searchers to meet your needs for human resources.
  • MPG’s services are not limited to proposing advertising copies or placing them on the media. We reflect feedbacks of thorough effect measurement and result review to the next advertisement to further improve the effects.

A Solution Case

Customer’s Issue
There are not many applications for the part-time offer. There are too many duplicates of job-placement advertisements among shops.
  • Calls from applicants at busy hours are tend to be responded in a rough manner.
  • Applicants tend to get frustrated by not being connected or being kept waited for a long time during busy hours.
  • There is not many staff for receiving calls on weekends.
  • More applicants are attracted to popular shops causing unevenness among shops.
  • Recruitment by each shop tend to conflict with each other.
  • The selected media is not effective enough.
  • The head office is not grasping the employment state of each shop.
  • Cost effectiveness of the media is not accurately understood.
  • When the shop manager is transferred nobody is sure when to place ads on which media.
Unify the part-timer reception center
  • Well-trained operators respond to calls to improve applicants’ satisfaction.
  • The center is equipped with call center system to avoid any situation where applicants’ calls are not answered from happening.
  • Calls are answered 365 days/year. Lines can be added immediately in accordance with the timing when the advertisement is placed.
  • Applicants for a shop which application is closed are transferred to other shops in the same area.
  • Traffic reports and cost-effectiveness analysis reports are prepared for objective development of advertisement plans.
  • All the interviews are arranged based on the schedule of the interviewer submitted in advance.

Service Offerings