Part-time Recruitment Center (ARC)

Part-time Recruitment Center (ARC)

Hindrances to curbing hiring costs of part-time staff:

  • Random help-wanted ads placed by each store outlet
    Unnecessary spending from random placing of help-wanted ads to replace resigned staff members.
  • Redundant hiring of chain stores
    Each store outlet advertises in the same classified ad issuing magazine, causing in-house competition.
  • Lost ad material specs when management shuffles
    Managers in charge of past ad placements have sole possession of materials used, which get lost during reshuffling periods, leaving current staff uninformed.
  • Candidates call during peak hours or when the manager is out
    Candidates fail to appear for interviews due to declined interest when inquiry calls are unattended or when recruiters are unreceptive.
  • No follow-up calls to online applicants
    Increased online job applicants. No follow-up call lowers the rate they show up for interview.
  • Lack of reporting including recruitment result to the HR manager.
Recruiter’s predicament
Recruiter’s predicament
Recruiter’s predicament

The costs of doing these within the company will incur you a minimum of US $ 3,000.
(approximation of 2 staff’s wage expenses)

Estimated hiring costs of part-time staff

Estimated costs recruitment of part-time staff done internally. Minimum of 2 staff needed during peak hours, and approximately $ 3,000 a month running costs.

For $1,300 a month our HR administrative services include ($380 for mini-pack!):

  • With Full Pack, service available 365 days a year, 10AM to 6PM for only $1,300
    (600 tasks per month, 300 succeeding tasks. Administrative, communication costs and taxes not included)
  • With mini-Pack, service available 365 days a year, 10AM to 6PM for only $380
    (Up to 150 tasks per month. Administrative, communication costs and taxes not included)
  • Applicants by e-mail shall be contacted during possible hours at night
  • For applications made on your online form, basic rates will apply.
  • Arrangements for interviews made everyday followed with an update report
  • A monthly report shall be submitted for better selection of media used.
    (number of applicants, price per application submitted, price per actual hires based according to media, work type, and place of employment, plus others categories)
  • We are ready to match your needs and provide more optional services not described in the basic package.
  • After careful review of the monthly report, we provide free consulting services for selection of best media form.

Basic Rates

Category#Service ItemFull PackMini-pack New Offer!
Initial Cost$500$400
Monthly Fee$1,300 per month$380 per month
Call Time1Application Hours10:00—18:00
2Application DatesMonday to Sunday 365 days
Task Amount3Task Amount600 tasks a month150 tasks a month
※Handling calls, e-mails, website outbound completed tasks
Inquiry Comprehension4Inquiry Comprehension
Outbound5Outbound tasks (time)21:00—23:00
6Outbound tasks (frequency count)2 calls + sent e-mail
* 1 call 1day,
E-mails applied when answering machines are disabled during absence
Reporting7Daily Updates (Hours) Will be submitted 3 hours on the same day after last task finished
8Daily Updates (Recipient)To the Head Office
9Daily Updates (Details)List of appointments made during the day
10Monthly ReportTo be submitted within 10 days the following month after service completed
* For item details described in our Basic Services
11Billing StatementIncluded are services cost justification and status of incoming calls
Application Form12Online job application form on your company websiteApplicable only to company websites with online application forms.
* N/A if website contains no such form

* Administrative, communication costs, and sales tax not included.

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