Job-placement advertisements

Job-placement advertisements

We explore media, advertising copy, and recruitment costs

MPG pursues maximizing recruitment effects and reducing costs of our customers through job advertisement services.

To effectively secure talented human resources while reducing costs: this is the ultimate goal for any company. It is all the more important now when working population is reducing. It is highly likely that companies are compelled to merely maintain the current status or even reduce the scale just because they cannot obtain sufficient manpower, even though they potentially have many business chances.

MPG’s job advertisement service provides more effective recruitment opportunities by selecting the best media and using its ingenuity in creating ads based on the analysis of psychology of job seekers, while fulfilling the needs of our customers. MPG’s service is not limited to proposing ads and placing it in the media; what MPG prioritizes the most is to reflect the feedback of thorough effect measurements and result verifications to the next advertisement to make it more effective. MPG’s job advertisement service does not end here. By combining with other service resources that MPG offers (“Furisoku” daily payment system, Employment Center services undertaken by Contact Centers, etc.) customers will be able to further increase the recruitment effect per advertisement, be free from troublesome tasks associated with employment, and reduce costs for employing staffers. MPG’s job advertisement service is the optimum solution for you to try.


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