Graduate/mid-career recruitment outsourcing

Graduate/mid-career recruitment outsourcing

Operation of employment administration office

Management of data from various recruitment websites, such as Rikunabi and My-Navi. Employment process status is managed collectively.
Outbound calls:
  • Inducement calls to students for company information sessions
  • Inducement calls for interviews and feedback of the results of interview
  • Arrange for the next interviews
Inbound calls:
  • Give guidance to the venue of the interview
  • Accept changes in date or time of interviews
  • Respond to inquiries on company information sessions, etc.

Effective use of Personnel Division resources

The customers can have their Personnel Division resources focus only on decision-making tasks such as “employment planning,” “company information sessions,” “interviews,” and “hiring decisions.”

Reassuring security control system

Information of applicants is thoroughly controlled by the strict security measures based on Privacy Mark screening criteria.

Solution cases:

Customer’s Issue
We must hire a large number of new graduates with only few Personnel Division staff members.
  • We must hire a large number of new graduates with only few Personnel Division staff members.
  • We cannot sufficiently respond to or follow up the candidate students
  • We want to increase the number of applying students
  • Temporary hiring human resources for Personnel Division only for the limited season for hiring new graduates is not feasible in terms of expenses and management capability.
MPG will undertake all the troublesome tasks
  • Your Personnel Division staff can focus on interviewing students; other tasks such as communication with students on pass/fail or various inquiries as well as employment navigation website operation services can be outsourced.
  • You are asked to provide us with your schedule for company information sessions and interviews. We will also control and report the attendance of the applicants and the results of interviews.
  • We shift the manpower to the morning and evening hours as well as on weekends, which time zone where more students can be contacted to improve the rate of contacts with students.
  • Nighttime and weekend operations can be achieved without causing any overtime payment or weekend operation costs.
  • We respond to all calls from the students on the day of the company information session regarding delay, cancel, or inquiries for directions to the venue.
  • We operate the contact center in accordance with the high/low seasons of employment.
  • We make vast number of outbound calls in a short period of time for swift contact with the students.
  • We submit employment status reports.
You will be able to interview more students and select the candidates more smoothly.
  • Strategy can be planned based on the state of employment
  • You will be able to focus on holding company information sessions and interviews where you can see more students in person.
  • You will be able to hire the number of employees as you planned.

Service Offerings